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Stainless Steel MeshHONGJI Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Plain Weave Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Plain Weave Wire Mesh

MOQ: 5 tons
Output: 500 tons/month
Place of Origin: Anping,Hebei,China
Brand Name: Tongqi Supply
Payment terms: T / T or LC

Stainless steel woven wire mesh can be used in filtering liquid gas and pulp. The opening can be square, rectangular or special opening. Normally, this kind of wire mesh has standard opening sizes, uniform opening, good permeability and high strength. The raw materials should be chosen according to different environment of applications.

Plain weave: This is the most commonly used weave type. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below each weft wire. Warp and weft wires generally have the same diameter.

Corrosion-Resistant Anti-Rust High Tensile Strength Stainless Steel Plain Weave or Crimped 304 or 316 or 316L Woven Wire Filter Cloth

Material: SUS302, 304,316,304 L, 316L stainless steel wire and galvanized steel wire.
Wire diameter: Min 0.02mm
Mesh opening:0.02mm to 16.00mm
Mesh roll width: Max 6000mm
Mesh roll length: standard rolls size or customer request.

Packing: Water Proof Paper, wooden Crate.

Mesh/Inch Wire Dia (MM)   Mesh/Inch Wire Dia (MM)
2Mesh 1.80mm 60Mesh 0.15mm
3Mesh 1.60mm 70Mesh 0.14mm
4Mesh 1.20mm 80Mesh 0.12mm
5Mesh 0.91mm 90Mesh 0.11mm
6Mesh 0.80mm 100Mesh 0.10mm
8Mesh 0.60mm 120Mesh 0.08mm
10Mesh 0.55mm 140Mesh 0.07mm
12Mesh 0.50mm 150Mesh 0.061mm
14Mesh 0.45mm 160Mesh 0.061mm
16Mesh 0.40mm 180Mesh 0.051mm
18Mesh 0.35mm 200Mesh 0.051mm
20Mesh 0.30mm 250Mesh 0.041mm
26Mesh 0.27mm 300Mesh 0.031mm
30Mesh 0.25mm 325Mesh 0.031mm
40Mesh 0.21mm 350Mesh 0.030mm
50Mesh 0.19mm 400Mesh 0.025mm