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Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Mesh

Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Mesh

MOQ: 5 tons
Output: 500 tons/month
Place of Origin: Anping,Hebei,China
Brand Name: Tongqi Supply
Payment terms: T / T or LC

Product Specifications/Features

Stainless steel barbecue grill mesh, also known as stainless steel barbecue grill netting, BBQ barbecue outdoor grilling or reusable barbecue grill mesh, is made of food grade stainless steel wire mesh. Compared with the disposable barbecue geill mesh, stainless steel barbecue grill mesh features corrosion resistance and rust resistance, so it can be used for BBQ barbecue cooking many times and for a long time. Stainless steel BBQ barbecue outdoor grilling is really an excellent barbecue tool which can make you a professional cook in a moment. Most importantly, it can bring your family and friends healthy and funny outdoor activities.


Material: food grade stainless steel.
Wire diameter: 0.4 mm - 3.0 mm.
Frame wire diameter: 2.0 mm - 4.0 mm.
Process technology: woven, crimped or welded.
Shape: round, ring, rectangular, square, fish-shape with two layers, etc.
Surface treatment: zinc coated, chrome plated, copper plated, nickel plated, tin plating, polishing, electrolysis, etc.
Edge type: covered edge or welded edge.
Handle: with or without handles.
Handle material: metal, plastic or wood.
Service life type: disposable type and reusable type.


Food grade stainless steel barbecue grill mesh, similar with stainless steel roasting rack, suitable for roasting and baking, features healthy roasting and durability. When you are roasting, it will not produce substance that harmful to your health.
Firm and stable structure.
Heat and fire resistance.
Corrosion and rust resistance.
Nonpoisonous and tasteless.
Non-stick and non deformed.
Smooth edge and not rowers.
Uniform mesh holes and firm welding point.
Easy for carrying, using and cleaning.
Long service life.


With rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and using for many times, stainless steel barbecue grill mesh is widely used in camping, tenting, military, traveling, restaurants and other places for baking and roasting fish, vegetables, wheaten food, meat, seafood and other delicious food.